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    Quantity of max request per second limit in mod_cluster 1.3.0-Final

    Arturo Ibanez Newbie

      Greetings to all,

      First, i need to give the thanks cause' 1.3.0 solve the 'Segmentatation fault' problem and httpd run without problems.

      In this situation, the problem why i ask you is cause we have 2 active mod_cluster with 800 Request Per Second (400/400) and the total we received is 2265082 request per hour. But i have problems with my jboss app's cause one of the app takes the total of slots and make's ajp cping/cpong not available for this app (hang connections and a lot TIME_WAIT connections in network). Thinking in the app this takes 80% of traffic in mod_cluster and my httpd.conf setting of my mod_cluster is:


      <IfModule mpm_worker_module>

          ThreadLimit         120

          ServerLimit         16

          StartServers        8

          MinSpareThreads     5

          MaxSpareThreads     20

          MaxClients          1920

          ThreadsPerChild     120

          MaxRequestsPerChild 16384



      Please, can you help me to the question and give me a suggest for the app problem (hang connections) ?


      Thanks a lot.