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    Converging AND gateway problem

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      Recently we have discovered that one of paths in our rather large process prevents our process from finishing as it locks on AND converging gate and never moves forward. After some investigation we came up with this small examle that presents problem:



      1. After process is started task formStart is created.

      2. We continue in such way that on or gateway both path conditions are true so task form3 and form1 are created.

      3. Now we continue from form3 and converging AND gateway (and2) is created on level 1 with information about triggered path from form3.

      4. Another user continues from form1 using action PETLA and creating form2

      5. From form2 we continue to form1 (this increments level to 2) and than we use action DALEJ to move to converging gateway and2

      6. Now becouse previously node and2 was created on level 1 there is a level mismatch and new node and2 is created on level 2 containing information about triggered path from form1.

      7. After that we are stuck on gateway and2 as we have two instances on different levels both waiting for trigger from its second connection.


      I would like to know if this is intended behaviour for this example process. Bpmn2 file in attachement. This is occuring in jbpm 6.0.1.Final.