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    sun.misc unsatisfied requirements




      I've just upgraded one of our third-party  dependencies and the new version has an import on sun.misc packages.

      as a result I'm getting the error message below.


      2014-07-10 16:05:36,373 | ERROR | agent-1-thread-1 | DeploymentAgent                  | e.fabric.agent.DeploymentAgent$1  245 | 69 - org.fusesource.fabric.fabric-agent - 7.2.0.redhat-061 | Unable to update agent
      java.lang.Exception: Can not resolve feature:
      Unsatisfied requirement(s):



      I've tried most of the advices online but none of them worked, including updating the etc/config.properties file with


      # Extra packages appended after standard packages
      160 org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra=sun.misc


      has anybody come across this issue with fuse fabric, thanks?

      We are using fuse fabric 7.2.0.

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          You can edit etc/jre.properties,





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            Hi Freeman,  thanks for the answer

            I tried that but for some reason child instances didn't pick that up

            was I suppose to put the etc/jre.properties file somewhere in the /fabric profiles folder



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              ok so I found a solution for the sun.misc problem using brute force

              for some reason Freeman your suggestion didn't work

              but if I put it in to the config.properties directly and assign it to the org.osgi.framework.system.packages property it works


              I know that the jre property get substituted at the end of this property as " ${jre-${java.specification.version}}" but for some reason it just doesn't work


              156 org.apache.xml.serialize; version="2.11.0", \
              157  sun.misc, \
              158  ${jre-${java.specification.version}}



              and java.specification.version


              FuseFabric:karaf@fuse-root-local-m1> system-property java.specification.version



              so I know that it will use the property jre-1.7 but still jre.properties didn't work for me.