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    Wildfly SSO and Jboss integration

    Jorge Marmolejo Newbie

      Hi Guys


      Is there any way to integrate SSO Wildfly and jboss 4.2.3 without using third party software ?


      We have two applications running on jboss 4.2.3 and they are using SSO with Tomcat valve; however one of those application has been refreshed to use jee7 and migrated to Wildfly. These two applications are now running on different IPs and different domains, something like:  app1.test.com and app2.test.com.  The problem that we are facing now is: if you are logged in app1 (jboss 4.2.3) and you want to access app2 (wildfly), you have to authenticate again.  Any ideas how to achieve SSO?, or does anyone know how to implement a simple custom SSO workaround without having to use something like opensso?