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    JBoss / Apache ajp_mod_proxy - Strange response




      I have an App running on JBoss AS6 that uses Apache2 as a front end via mod_proxy_ajp


      I recently added SSL to our login areas, since doing this we have been experiencing issues whereby the server responds with some strange encoding in the response which is displayed in the browser window (shown in bottom of post). At a guess I would say it happens for one in ~1000 requests, I haven't noticed any kind of pattern to it though


      Any ideas what might be causing this? I am at a loose end!


      My Apache config is below


      <VirtualHost *:443>
              SSLEngine on
              SSLCertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/mysite.org.crt
              SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/apache2/ssl/mysite.org.key
              SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/apache2/ssl/mysite.org.bundle.crt
              SSLProxyEngine on
              ServerName mysite.org
              ServerAdmin admin@mysite.org
              #Most Common errors for proxy
              ErrorDocument 500 /maintenance-page.html
              ErrorDocument 502 /maintenance-page.html
              ErrorDocument 503 /errors/maintenance-page.html
              ErrorDocument 404 /maintenance-page.html
              ProxyErrorOverride on
              DocumentRoot /var/www/
              <Directory />
                      Options FollowSymLinks
                      AllowOverride None
              <Directory /var/www/>
                      Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
                      AllowOverride None
                      Order allow,deny
                      allow from all
              ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /usr/lib/cgi-bin/
              <Directory "/usr/lib/cgi-bin">
                      AllowOverride None
                      Options +ExecCGI -MultiViews +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
                      Order allow,deny
                      Allow from all
              ProxyPass /errors !
              ProxyRequests off
              ProxyPass / ajp://
              ProxyPassReverse / ajp://
              ErrorLog /var/log/apache2/error.log
              # Possible values include: debug, info, notice, warn, error, crit,
              # alert, emerg.
              LogLevel warn
              CustomLog /var/log/apache2/access.log combined
              Alias /doc/ "/usr/share/doc/"
              <Directory "/usr/share/doc/">
                      Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
                      AllowOverride None
                      Order deny,allow
                      Deny from all
                      Allow from ::1/128




      And a sample of the response that is displayed in the browser...

      �xY  3�HTTP/1.1 200 OK Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 13:22:44 GMT X-Powered-By: Servlet/3.0; JBossAS-6 X-Powered-By: JSF/1.2 Ajax-Response: true Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate, max_age=0, no-store Expires: 0 Pragma: no-cache Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8 Vary: Accept-Encoding Content-Encoding: gzip Content-Length: 3176 Keep-Alive: timeout=5, max=96 Connection: Keep-Alive  �  �\�r�6 ���@�١=+��.�([�:q����n�vv&��@$$�� ��,� ?Q a����$e]H �����f�ȸ  ���p�任��nI�)���Y�j��^��Chu�7�j�� ��xW ���1��lV��+,  �eYƝ ��N� ;����.�� ��.�n��b �m6��G�PC�� ��� � 7�}�SyG=� � ��Cl n �sHpCCC,a؜  ̩ݗ  �܉���O� r��5 ���g�_?�o˧��� �v5 ޻�� ���{�t��܅�����s �E�� � �P�� �rB��o��Qo�� n �   ���� � |�� �|X�Ʒ8 ^9��+�q���  Tˆ>*�a$k,P�gscȂI嚫,�%(B�! �doZ��4/  2Am�"�ԶD�   e��$(N�K��Y���jK2�mJ�����h '�|~ \�~~E��@ cCt�8G�t�> a �G � = 1z*���� ��h8^j  �y{ r�Y,^ ��Á.8�� �V �l�]�P�Z�� '����B{.��7u]� �= ?>> �2�/_��%�7Q� #r� ���N z+1  ��!�(W�/,ZvL9 �  ���h�;�ѐ�'$�sB�1��>��q��C�� h#l�2, ؙPϠ��]% 7�֓)�iF-��  �2�ꬵjh� �PW�  �u}��� ��}lǿ�Nl�� 6� ��� MF� � ��sV���� �S�Iy�Jf� >� �!u�'��I ٭�ٹ�SǬ�`!�{��� ��B��Q�/h ����=� �`Ѐ  ���G ?E��X��;� �.M0Q�� Ț��P ��P�D�Zo� 9?vH;��~ ��c�j�ȡ�w�} y� A�\:  l0]�tly .H��ǹ��-�� }K��  N=i  Dx�Ç�SU��� 3H�%9����.X@Φ>��{�DD�����t:�]j�P�'.���ٞC�� uq@��� B`  �8? �   t  ���� W���H�U&d�*> �G�� �� �i��!v99~<\�ȉ%8sK�M@x̭T2 d��! x � ��%vH  1� �n�ڶ��L����h���=�]V��d���{l#��p]xo: %4}jkq�   V�n  �  �� `�̫\�  �1��q��jM 2 ' G � ��FP@�%�ع���Q A���ǯ�!�Jr�ow�W#7��O��*Voۂ� ,�,ʂM% n�F� d�s}�=[ j;�C�(}�m҇��5 �?�� m��M  � � ����n�   �O�V� ����[�� Fǫ�v |{�4I5��qD� OC&N�.� ���pé� ���^c�EDǕ�b男'� a_� ����ީ e�W�VO��� � ���% ����/ �_� -�s+ʴ]]/}ΰ�%yd&�Ѿ�/��>��)���%#<����M  F6�-�NS� q��]%:f�J��*�a| �芵@ �^O�%P Y�\�u�"�/��YtB\�Q��?�a�������Gn�c�{�����N:���Kj�#X��� ��C�O@SZ�Y�����}o��6�Bd(�  ^+� ?�� �� Nl���\����v�L�D 3ˑʟK����k�aL�a fz'.  �'N� � zvbDM�O����Uk)~/N|;��]�2W� ��x$  � &��,CI�<��wLjݒti։�[� ��_, ��  ����� �0����F��t�l5% Y�� ���. Kِ�%f:�� \f� ��{8u!a ��E� z �J@��f��y�.؈zk�����@�::�z�� T��� ȩ�)T�9l�V5 � ~��� �� ��5 5+'l/i�B 2 a,�j� � ���q" 1�WS��s����� ���;?�\���^�,��D��˦�z��`�I0����s$�ʗ\�xɵ %�ʡ�+9� #:+_tV��� Eg�P� ���� �P���f��Dw��k�j��q� 6��A&Ɓ $�n!��� �^� 늂��P� H�� �����]|�h+Ǝvf�h�ŎX| �!�  &�S��X�.>�� cI;3���bɛ1�G�   O����]|o V���}� ��7 Kj8�c�ܷ� n��WXb�!�m�� URY=/����X=w8 ��ǒ9� � �ϱ�_��,P|  ����%�o����\�*���>�,ģ"������m��y-z�}c�'�Л�2#Oo �M��ԏ�nj $ʒ�� k��7i ( �[��� ��Rz�ޟ��GR�ߙD. �K�g� �� ��Jȗ� �Z�A8���t1���¾  [~�K�A   u8����C ���f�z�Z}u�T1�a�!�`M� ND�����Z ��ɚɪ� �~� � �� �����~� ��h g���U��4������+<�U{�� �.R�Ƒn]��Ӕ�+��R�fV���i�[���v�����h  �]�L|MH� ]M� �_!��L#eR�� ����$�b�9������ ��*��^Q47��ڄb@�u �{� (Z�  bm7 k� �� bm#�� Al�TK�� b] ��^A�o �^ �f����� Ć*�����P � �}QA��RQl��bS ��^QlnD�^$��Z�e�x� �G�( � ţ�(֊D�ņ��n(�TQl� ŖBns� E�X}� j{7 ۪(���b{ ��"A4_�C�v �R ��+��� �@ k/� � �6�r���o���\�) ��K �殥 ��͞�7 �7� �8E!�J �Y_��ߟ.���߿� �D��zx�� ���AL4����>� ��}-��#��  ̗Xag� ����-/��@�Eë�CůuR� ,~�-�K��  �h������V ���c2(�� {�M  =�{  � MX4`�}D� Y0Z�.aB T �  ��\� ߁͔�;\\y{!�ٕT����R� J�9N��-�'.�ʷ�Z�Kؾ� D�N�FВ�I���Ei=5�e%��$��K�(� q� /kz� �ma($S