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    Order of precedence between elements

    Mustapha Kamal Newbie

      From my understanding of domain mode operations is the following:


      Host level: configuration will apply to all servers that are defined in host-slave.xml

      Server group level: configuration applies to all servers that are part of the group


      I'm using Jboss in domain mode, all slave machines startup opining to the domain master and includes host-slave.xml file, from Jboss admin portal, I have created number of groups, and I have assigned slaves to groups accordingly, however everytime I restart jboss on any of the slaves, it comes back pointing to default server groups


        <server name="server-one" group="main-server-group"/>

        <server name="server-two" group="other-server-group">


      And I have to go to that server and change the group, I have tried modifying group portion to correspond to the group I would like them to be part of, however I'm getting exceptions when starting up the server.


      What am I missing here? is there is a way to have group level config overide settings defind by host-slave.xml