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    rich:tree deselect & rich:extendedDataTable browser resize bugs.?

    Priyanka Kulathilaka Newbie

      1. the issue is like below


      my left side was rich tree and children load to data table in right side below.their above shows the edit node details Form.but when we click on "Clear" button it reset my form.its ok.

      but its remove Highlight for current selected node also.I gave only Form panel id for Clear button render part.but its remove that highlight mark [highlight color] from node

      any solution for that.?


      2. I used rich:extendedDataTable for data represent in many pages in my JSF project. But in firefox/ chrome every browser When I Resize Browser data will disappear in datatable. is it bug in extendedDataTable. or can i get solution for that ?


      please give me a solution for those above bugs