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    HTTPS Configuration in a cluster help

    Timothy Miller Newbie

      I have setup up a Wildfly with a 2 node cluster that uses Apache as the front end load balancer. The following article was used to create this cluster and was easy to follow and worked flawlessly.


      WildFly 8 Cluster Howto - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor


      I have an app that has 2 Web services that are deployed to the cluster.  Everything is working great with this setup, however I have the requirement that the Web services can only be used with HTTPS. If I understand correctly this requires that I configure HTTPS on the Apache load balancer, not the wildfly instance? Is this correct, and if so then what changes if any, need to be made on the cluster to support it? Is there a document somewhere that explains this? I have searched for this but can't seem to find anything. I am a newbie to wildfly so I may be looking in the wrong place.  If anyone can direct me on this or point me to the right documentation I would appreciate it.


      Thanks !