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    Infinispan 6.0 EC2 demo configuration

    Anton Kozik Newbie



      Recently I've been trying to run Infinispan EC2 demo on AWS and went to the point where I can start instances without forming a cluster.

      Lets describe my configuration in details:

      1. 2 EC2 micro instances with Red Hat EL 7 which share the same subnet and basically see each other (e.g. through telnet)

      2. Shared S3 bucket created

      3. Infinispan 6.0.2 installed

      4. S3_PING used for discovery with all valid parameters

      5. VIEW_SYNC option dropped

      I see files in S3 bucket when I start Infinispan instances, but no cluster is formed.

      Do you have any idea what is missing?

      Kind Regards,

      Anton Kozik