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    Finding the best ways to use ESB in Fuse

    Rajiv Konkimalla Newbie


        I am completely new to FUSE/ESB and I started playing with this product to implement ESBs. I have spent time in going through docs and implementing sample projects mentioned in documents and now I am looking for the direction to use ESBs in FUSE. At this time I am not sure whether I have to concentrate on ActiveMQ project by going to APACHE website or I play with FUSE. I guess many new comers will be in the same stage and I would really appreciate if some one can help us out to effectively use FUSE to use ESBs.




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          Claus Ibsen Master

          For integration needs people often start with focusing on Apache Camel, and how to use that. For messaging then you take a look at Apache ActiveMQ. And for web services there is Apache CXF.

          These projects have websites with their own documentation and content.


          JBoss Fuse does that as well at

          JBoss Fuse - Resources


          Where there is additional guides and videos etc. Also some examples at fuse by example


          JBoss Fuse comes with some quickstarts which is a great start to look and learn. See in the quickstarts directory of jboss fuse. There is some small example that shows how to use Camel, CXF and ActiveMQ together with fuse. I suggest to take a look at them also.

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