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    High heap usage:Need help

    Karminder Singh Newbie


      I am using infinispan in persistence mode. The memory usage stats are very scary:

      1. For 4,000,000 records with each record of 220 bytes(serialized) the disk file size is 1.2GB and Heap usage is 2.3GB
      2. For 8,000,000 records the disk file size is 2.4GB and Heap usage is 4.9GB.

      In addition to above when I add a cluster node in replication mode the heap usage grows even more and reaches above 5.9GB.

      Is there something wrong with the above figures, or are the expected.


      I intend to use the infinispan for around 200GB data, will the above figures scale linearly or should I expect better results.

      Please help.


      Thanks in advance,