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    Migration to jbpm 6 from jbpm 5.x

    Atif Tahir Newbie



      I have a project which uses the workflow  capability of jbpm 5.x.

      The main application hits the jbpm services through customized SOAP WS.


      I have some queries regarding the migration approach.


      1)In the current project JBPMHelper class is getting used for setting up in the JBPM engine,which got deprecated in version 6.0.(https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm/blob/master/jbpm-test/src/main/java/org/jbpm/test/JBPMHelper.java).Any pointers for how to configure the jbpm engine using version 6 and information about the new API's that would be involved.


      2)In the current project ,JSF interfaces and methods are being accessed through the BPMN2 Process.We were getting an error(JSF bean classes cannot be resolved )  while importing the process in jbpm 6 workbench.Is there a way to set a class-path context for the JSF entities in the application?


      3)In the current project,there is a customization done for Return for information. Approver can return the request to Requester for information.As per this requirement,Approver should be able to return a task to the requester so that he/she is able to edit any information and resend it for approval or cancel the request.Is return for information  supported by jbpm 6.0?


      I am attaching a screen shot for

      1)  Library files being used in the current environment

      2)  Screen shot of jbpm helper class which sets up task service and human task interaction



      Can any one please help me with this .