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    Starting BPM process using Camel, JMS, Spring

    Arnold Schrijver Newbie



      Is there any sample code available of how to use Spring + Camel to start a BPMN2 process from a Camel route (e.g. whenever a message arrives on a JMS queue)?

      I am looking for something along the lines of the Activiti Camel implementation (e.g. in Camel: from("direct:start").to("activiti:camelProcess"); )


      I am aware of the option to have Camel invoke a custom bean that fires up the process such as described here in Eric Schabell's blog post

      (with this in the camel route: <to uri="bean:startit?method=startProcessFromCamel"/>), but that is not what I am looking for.


      I looked at the kie-camel project in droolsjbpm-integration. Here there are some tests where commands are directed to a ksession via call made on a rest (or soap) service. This project only calls rule files, not processes.

      In the kie-spring project there are tests where processes are instantiated from Spring, but no Camel samples.