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    Failure to find org.kie:kie-parent-with-dependencies:pom:6.2.0-SNAPSHOT




      We are migrating some DROOLs from DROOLs 5.0 to the latest version, and moving our applications to JBoss AS 7.


      Looking into how to migrate these DROOLs, I found it recommended to use a migration tool that is located here drools-wb/drools-wb-jcr2vfs-migration at master · droolsjbpm/drools-wb · GitHub  which seems to be a sub-project of https://github.com/droolsjbpm/drools-wb


      When I try to build these projects with maven, I keep dying here: Failure to find org.kie:kie-parent-with-dependencies:pom:6.2.0-SNAPSHOT


      I have tried changing 6.2.0-SNAPSHOT to 6.0.0.Final, and in some cases that works. But it doesn't feel right. (I don't know if any of the code in the repository is requiring features added in 6.2.0.


      Is the package 6.2.0-SNAPSHOT available anywhere publicly? If I don't have access to that code, is there a way for me to just get the migration utility?


      I am new to JBoss, any advice is most welcome.


      Thanks in advance!