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    SessionNotFoundException at application start

    Andreas G. Novice

      I am using jbpm 6.1 in combination with kie spring. When I am starting my application a SessionNotFoundException is thrown when I want to create a singleton session via runtimemanager.

      The error message is org.drools.persistence.SessionNotFoundException: Could not find session data for id 1

      Why happens that? Of course there couldn't be found a session because the session is created.


      Thanks for any hints.

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          every time singleton session manager is created it stores ksession id as serialized file in temporary/data location. See here for details. Depending how you run the code it can be stored in different locations:

          - when running on JBoss it will be in JBOSS_HOME/standalone/data

          - otherwise it will be in java.io.tmpdir directory

          - alternatively you can provide custom location using jbpm.data.dir system property


          This error (warning) is harmless as it simply indicates it found serialized file but there is no session in data base so it creates new one, no side effects.