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    JVMRoute in WildFly

    Nelson Wilson Newbie


      Please provide me the information to configure JVM Route in domain mode inside WildFly. It was working fine with JBoss 7.2 but struggling to find the solution of how to configure inside WildFly.

      Any help is appreciated. Please help!




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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          you should really provide bit more info...


          do you have <distributable /> in your app's web.xml?

          do you have infinispan & clustering enabled in your configuration?

          in standalone mode that would be standalone-ha.xml or standalone-full-ha.xml, in domain mode, full profile...

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            Nelson Wilson Newbie

            Hi Tomaz,

            Thanks for the reply,

            We have apache web server for load balancing and request come to apache web server and then it will forward to repective jboss instances. We are not using clustering as of now , just load balancing.

            We did in jboss 7.2 by specifying "instance-id" on web subsystem in domain mode but we are not able to find such configuration in wildfly.




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              Paul Ferraro Master

              Hi Nelson,

              instance-id configuration in wildfly is the same as in AS7, but instead of the web subsystem, it is defined in the undertow subsystem. Despite tomaz's comments, this configuration works independently of any other clustering configuration, and can will work with stateless, non-distributable web applications as well as stateful distributable applications.