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    CLI password issue with JBoss 6.1.1 EAP

    Mark Dzmura Newbie

      I am trying to automate some stuff with the CLI but am having an issue with putting a password on the CLI command line.


      If I try to include the password in the command line:








      then the connect attempt fails with the "tried all authentication methods" error.


      However, if I OMIT the --password on the command line, then the CLI prompts me for the password - I type in the same password and it consistently authenticates with no issues.


      Let me note that the password in use is pretty funky, 16 characters with mixed case, numbers, and a bunch of punctuation.


      The operations folks make the passwords using rules, so I'll have to have a good reason to change it.


      Any ideas on why putting the password on the CLI command line does not work?