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    Compressed binaries on filesystem




      We start using Modeshape from version 3.2.0 and some time ago notice several compressed binaries in binaryStorage which is configured to file system. This files looks like GZIP archive 218db5beb577bdf96f6da4b392f1f994bf1e19e4.gz

      Storage configuration below:

      "storage" : {   

              "cacheName" : "infinispan_application",

              "cacheConfiguration" : "${APPLICATION_HOME}/config/infinispan-application.xml",

              "binaryStorage" : {

                  "type" : "file",

                  "directory" : "${APPLICATION_HOME}/content-binaries33",

                  "minimumBinarySizeInBytes" : 4096




      Is there any way in ModeShape how such compressed binaries can be created? Or may be such mechanism was present in previous versions?


      Thanks in advance

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          There is really no time that the (default) file system binary store compresses the binary values. But if you upload a GZIP archive into a BINARY value, ModeShape will store it as-is.


          By chance did you happen to backup the repository and then restore it?