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    Simple Set of Service Tasks

    Sam Meek Newbie

      Hi Board.


      Apologies for the somewhat noddy question, I am new to jBPM (and BPMN in general). Essentially I am attempting to develop a system to chain web services. I have a web service backend (OGC compliant WPS) and want to use jBPM to organise the data flow and processing.


      Am I right in thinking that I need to use Service Tasks to do this, i.e. I would have one service task for each web service? If so, is there a suitable tutorial on how to get this up and running in Eclipse? The web processes are live and I have the client code developed, I just need to get jBPM to accept urls and inputs and outputs, utilise these in the java client code, execute, and then specify an output. I have the eclipse stuff installed and have had the demo working, but am unsure where to go next.


      Any help gratefully received.

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          you can either use service task with web service implementation or you can use webservice work item handler that is very similar to what service task does but allows bit more flexibility. Another option (which might be best for you since you already have web service client code) is to create your own work item and work item handler that will make use of your client code to interact with services. See docs section about domain specific services for more details.