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    Hybrid mobile app icons and splash screen path

    Asif Kilwani Newbie

      For icon, i've added following code in config.xml, but still when test in Android device, default cordova icon comes


      <platform name="android">

           <icon src="www/res/icon/android/icon-48-mdpi.png" density="mdpi" /><!-- 48x48px -->

           <icon src="www/res/icon/android/icon-72-hdpi.png" density="hdpi" /><!-- 72×72px -->

           <icon src="www/res/icon/android/icon-96-xhdpi.png" density="xhdpi" /><!-- 96×96px -->

           <icon src="www/res/icon/android/icon-144-xxhdpi.png" density="xxhdpi" /><!-- 144×144px -->

           <icon src="www/res/icon/android/icon-192-xxxhdpi.png" density="xxxhdpi" /><!-- 192x192px -->




      For splash screen, to follow Cordova Guide http://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/edge/config_ref_images.md.html  or when new hyrbid app create res/screen folder, simply replace those files there?