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    SSL in JBOSS: truststore too long?

    erasmo da rotterdam Newbie

      Hi everybody

      i've got a strange behaviour in my jboss configuration.

      I managed to enable ssl/tls, I created a truststore and put into it some client certificates.

      I tried to connect to my jboss via a java client, chrome, android, a c# client. Everything works.


      But when my truststore becomes too long (i.e. adding lots of client certificates), the c# client stops working.


      By listening to my http connections I noticed that the server exchanges all the client fingerprints during the handshake and the c# client truncates the connection after a certain amount of byte, telling me that it cannot estabilish the connection.


      It looks weird to me that the server sends all the fingerprints and aliases contained into the truststore...  has anyone got any idea?