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    Is WILDFLY support Apache Jetspeed integration?

    Henry Sam Newbie

      I'm using Tomcat 5.5 + Apache Jetspeed portal for my application.


      I'm not happy with Tomcat, so I like to use WILDFLY 8.1.


      Is WILDFLY support Apache Jetspeed?


      Henry Samuel S

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          Stephen Coy Master

          I've had a quick look at this and it would not be straight forward. A certain amount of source level hacking of Jetspeed will be required.

          1. It uses version 2.5.6 of the spring framework which is known to be incompatible with JBossAS 7.x and I assume WildFly as well;
          2. It contains the CXF version of JAX-WS and associated libraries which is redundant in a Java6+ environment and may well cause a few exciting class loading issues.
          3. It contains an old Jackson JAX-RS implementation which may also result in class loading issues


          You might try simply upgrading Spring Framework to 3.1.x or better and see how you go.