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    jBPM step-by-step deployment into JBoss

    Óscar Retana Newbie



      I wonder if is there a step-by-step documentation to manually deploy jBPM into an already installed JBoss.


      I went through the whole jBPM Documentation and could only find a few indications. Both the documentation and the installer seem to assume that JBPM will always be installed on a clean/vanilla JBoss environment, or using the JBoss provided and deployed by the jBPM installer.


      - Óscar

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          Óscar Retana Newbie

          Additional information:


          The install.html documentation included, for example, in this installer: jbpm-6.0.1.Final-installer.zip, says:


          Manually installing the different components


          In the install dir, run installation script:

          ant install.guvnor.into.jboss

          ant install.designer.into.jboss

          ant install.jBPM-gwt-console.into.jboss

          ant install.jBPM-eclipse.into.eclipse

          ant install.drools-eclipse.into.eclipse


          Several of these Ant targets doesn't even exist in the build.xml contained in jbpm-6.0.1.Final-installer.zip.


          I can't find any documentation on how to manually deploy jBPM into JBoss, and these little pieces of documentation seem outdated.


          - Óscar