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    ReplacewithVersion using HotRod Client with Protobuf marshaller

    Prashant Thakur Novice

      We are facing issues that replacewithversion is not working when we use Protobuf objects.

      For same objects get and put are working fine. Can we have some pointers whether there is some issue in using Infinispan in this way ?

      All operations are done through remoteCache object.


      Are there some known issues around Protobuf or versioning Information.

      We have a use case where we have existing data in Oracle data base. Is there some issue on using data which didn't start from Infinispan as first source.


      We have written our own loaders and writers using Hibernate . When we issue get and put commands everything works fine .

      But when get with version or replacewithVersion is used we are facing issues.

      Any pointers  around these issues would be useful .

      Thanks in Advance