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    Update the taks content before delegate the task

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      JBPM Version :- 6.0.1 Final


      i have a human task with content as a map persisted in the content table.i need to update that content before i suspend or delegate to other user.for example a sales rep and his team leader  need to work on the same task.first the sales rep start the task and update the content then he need to delegate to his team leader so that he can complete the job by approving or delegate the task back to the sales rep for some more information. the current delegate method in the API wont update the task content.


      how can i update the task content before delegate?





      Message was edited by: john philip As for us my investigation goes i can only able to do this by get the task content from the task and modify it then using the JPATaskPersistenceContext (dont know how?) updateContent(content) method to update the content and then call the updateTask(task) to update. i am not sure we can able to that or not?