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    Trouble with GAE App using JSR-330 Annotations itself


      I'm using the Google App Engine together with e.g. the Springframework and other DI frameworks quite successfully. Since Spring is not the only choice, I'm using JSR-330 annotations as far as possible. Now I tried to run my GAE Applications on CapeDwarf (Version 1 with JBoss AS7 on OpenShift and Version 2 locally with Wildfly 8)

      All of my experiments fail for a very obvious reason, which makes two questions arise:

      1. Am I really the only one with that problem

      2. Is there any way to stop this.

      On deployment of the Google App Engine Applications on the Application Server, the JARs get scanned for components. Of course the setup is not expected to work with the CDI Environment in the Application Server but only within the e.g. Springframework on the "upper" GAE API layer.

      So I would like to keep CapeDwarf / Wildfly from scanning those components. The first thing I did was, introducing a beans.xml to try several options from bean-discovery-mode attribute, over weld:scan elements, to newer (1.1) scan elements. None of these options really changed anything.

      Did anyone run into the same trouble? It should not be that uncommon to have a framework like this in use.

      The application can be found at


      The problematic portions of the software stem from the tangram part at


      I suppose this is mere accidental, but the first thing that fails in any of the tested environments is always the missing dependency "LoginSupport" in the PasswordFilter


      Any hints?