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    Infinispan + Hibernate Search in the cloud

    John Ament Master

      Hi there


      So I was wondering, what is the feasibility of using Infinispan with Hibernate Search in the cloud, using the Cloud Cache Provider ( https://github.com/infinispan/infinispan-cachestore-cloud ) ?


      I've noticed that the provider hasn't been updated in a year, WildFly 8.1 ships with Infinispan 6.0.2, which looks like it's not too far off version wise from this module.  Is there a JBoss module config I can use to try this out from a deployment perspective?


      I'm assuming if I activate this, search will write the lucene index to IS, where IS would persist the index to my location of choice (e.g. EC2 or CloudFiles).

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          Sanne Grinovero Master


          yes in theory it's correct, and I've been doing that myself with Hibernate Search and older versions of Infinispan.


          In practice that CacheStore implementation will need to be updated to match the integration interface; as you say that might be trivial.


          There is no up to date JBoss module for this, but if you're willing to experiment making one we're happy to help out.