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    Managed beans not being destroyed upon log out for Liferay Portal hosted on Jboss

    Anandababu Bolisetti Newbie

      Hi Experts,


      We have a Liferay Primefaces JSF Web Application hosted on a Jboss Server. During performance testing, we observed the heap memory going higher and after some thousands of operations the server getting stalled. When we examined the Heap Dumps the we observed that not all the managed Beans created are being destroyed up on log out. So these beans are getting piled up after thousands of operations contributing to the memory issues.


      Below screenshots show the objects loaded before/after log out,


      Before Logout:



      Post Logout:



      When we check for the references for these beans all of them are locked due to reference in ConcurrentreferenceHashMap which is in turn held by WebInjectionProvider.




      I did a lot of googling about the same and tried below suggested solutions but none worked for me,


      1. 1) Update Mojarra (JSF API, JSF IMPL) jars
      2. 2) Update Jboss Web Jar
      3. 3) Disable Tag pooling and Injection


      Please help suggest any possible solutions for this issue.


      Thanks in advance.