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    Infinispan Licensing Query

    Prashant Thakur Novice


      We are planning to use Infinispan in production environment . We have some problem in understanding licensing around few of jars included in Infinispan

      Which are listed below these all seem to be under GPL license. Can someone comment whether its proper to use these jars under Apache2 license project ?

      Our legal teams have some concerns regarding including them as part of final product,


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          Tristan Tarrant Master

          JBoss Logging 3.1.2.GA and JBoss Marshalling (and River) 1.4.4.Final are ASL (their license was changed from the LGPL exactly in those versions).


          JBoss Logging Annotations are only needed at compile time, so it doesn't matter.


          jboss-transaction-api are part of the JavaEE API. The ones you list are the JBoss repackaged ones. I believe the upstream ones are from Glassfish, and therefore CDDL. If running in a container, use the ones that come with it.


          Scala is under the Scala license which is BSD-like: http://www.scala-lang.org/license.html


          So I don't think there should be any concerns.

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            Sanne Grinovero Master

            None of those projects is GPL. Some used to be LGPL, which is significantly different.


            Also you should point out to your legal team that your code won't need to have these libraries at compile time, these are transitive dependencies of Infinispan. Usually what matters is what your application invokes directly, i.e. what you need in classpath to compile your own application.

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              Prashant Thakur Novice

              Thanks Tristan/Sanne for your response

              We are using infinispan in Embedded mode. Hence was wondering whether there is some way I can skip this dependency. Also for logging we are using log4j at present. Scala seemed a bottleneck as internally commands are implemented in Scala. Hence your answer provide a big relief.