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    EJB lookup problem using local client view at "java:global/.." (from outside EAR)

    Rakesh K. Cherukuri Newbie

      Jboss : 7.1.1

      EJB 2.1



      My deployment scenario consists of an EAR and a separate WAR as follows

      - An Ear

          |_ EJB jar

          |_ EJB Client Jar

      - Another War

          (contains EJB Client Jar in WEB-INF/lib folder)


      When the EAR is deployed, i can see that the EJB (with both remote and local client views) is deployed at following "java:global/.." JNDI locations apart from other locations



      An EJB client servlet (in "Another WAR") is not working when it tries to use local client view at "java:global/.." locations. The lookup using following JNDI names is returning an object. However, any casting attempt using either LocalHome or Local interface is resulting in ClassCastException.



      The lookup code in both cases are as follows

      LocalHome localHome = (LocalHome)ctx.lookup("java:global/Ear/Ejb/LocalAndRemoteBean!package.LocalHome");
      Local l = localHome.create();


      Local local = (Local)ctx.lookup("java:global/Ear/Ejb/LocalAndRemoteBean!package.Local");


      The lookup returned objects of following types respectively




      My question is : "If the lookup is returning an object, what should be done to invoke the business method ?"

      Thanks in advance