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    Parent process does not get notified after sub process completes

    Reddy SMK Newbie



      We are using the 6.0.1. parent process calls a child process, which in turn calls another child process ( A -> B -> C).  the parent process A does no  move to next step, child Process (B) shows it is active and in wait state of calling process C.  But when we check the status of process C, it was invoked by process B and it is showing as completed.


      Event-though the sub process C is completed successfully, C's parent process B did not get notification of child process completion. Now B  is stuck there, in turn  it is not returning the control back to  B's parent process A.


      We wanted to understand this kind of multilevel sub process invocation and the logic is supported or not, has any one encountered this situation? if so how did you resolved it.


      Really appreciate your comments.