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    TransactionManager configuration for wildfly

    Alexandru Ardelean Newbie



      I am playing a little bit with wildfly, hibernate-ogm, infinispan. I have st up a short project at https://github.com/aardelean/points .


      My main problem is that if user @Transactional aspect, doesn't commit the transaction. When used arjuna TransactionManager.transactionManager() in a programatic way, it works fine.


      In debug I can see the Arjuna aspect when used with @Transactional annotation, but nothing happens after, my entries are not commited.


      Anyone has any idea if I am missing from persistence.xml some configuration for transactionManager?




      I am using wildfly 8.1.0.Final, Hibernate OGM 4.1.0.Beta5.


      Thanks for any ideas or feedback.