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    EJBClient.getUserTransaction() failover behavior with WildFly Cluster

    julien.topcu Newbie

      Hello Everyone,


      I already got a WildFly standalone server and I would like to set up a WildFly cluster. I am currently using the EJBClient.getUserTransaction("node1") from an external EJB Client. Because we have to provide the name of one node to get a transaction, I was wondering what will be the behavior of that against a cluster.

      To be more specific:

      • Is there any failover mechanism on EJBClient.getUserTransaction("node1") like the failover of remote EJB calls?
      • If so, what's happening if node1 fails just before calling EJBClient.getUserTransaction("node1")? Will it automatically switch to the next available node of the cluster (according to the topology).
      • Once the UserTransaction is retrieved, would it be still possible to use it if the node which provides the transaction is no longer available  (after UserTransaction.begin() and before UserTransaction.commit())? Is this UserTransaction migrated to another node ?


      Thanks in advance for your answers,