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    Wildfly 8.1 - Websockets in a Clustered Config?

    Akhbar Falafel Newbie

      I have a 2-node cluster setup using the standalone-full-ha.xml configuration on Wildfly 8.1.  I'm trying to open up a web socket connection through Apache HTTPD URL, but when I do I see the following error in my logs, and the web socket open fails with an error in JavaScript:


      2014-07-28 15:58:52,675 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-4) UT005023: Exception handling request to /WebSocketTest/hello: java.lang.IllegalStateException: UT000077: The underlying transport does not support HTTP upgrade


      Is there any way to get such a configuration working in a clustered setup?  Or would I need to go to the specific app server port directly and bypass Apache HTTPD?