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    custom CDI @ViewScoped not working anymore in wildfly 8.1; it used to work in 8.0

    Richard Yang Apprentice

      First, I am not sure Weld provides CDI like @ViewScoped annotation for jsf yet. The @javax.faces.bean.ViewScoped does not work.

      So for the past, we have implemented our own @ViewScoped based on Seam3's implementation. The code is attached in this thread.

      It has been working fine in eap 6.0 and wildfly 8.0.0.Final.

      However, it appears to break in 8.1CR1,2 and 8.1.0.Final.


      The @ViewScoped annotation does not seem to have any impact and the bean is treated as requestScoped.


      Our implementation is almost same as the one from Seam3's. I guess it is broken because of changes in weld library update in the recent wildfly releases?


      Any help please?