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    @javax.faces.view.ViewScoped does not seem to work in wildfly 8.1.0.Final

    Richard Yang Apprentice

      My own CDI extension ViewScoped stopped working after we upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1. So I am trying to find alternative solution and found out that wildfly 8 comes with jsf 2.2 implementation and supports @javax.faces.view.ViewScoped in CDI bean.

      However, I tried this annotation in 8.1.0.Final and it does not seem working. My jsf bean (implemented as CDI)'s @PostConstruct method is always invoked for the same the action on the same page (ajax). As a result, the states that we store on the bean always get reset to default.


      Anybody has luck using ViewScoped in wildfly or jboss 7.1? If so could you share some idea? Should I change the jsf impl to Myfaces 2.2 to try it?