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    Unplug task management from jbpm 6.0.1

    jbtexier Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I'm using jbpm 6.0.1 to handle processes but I don't want to use the task management part as I'm using another task manager.

      Because I don't want to persist any task I just have the requested classes for processes in my persistence.xml. I'm using the runtimemanager and kieSession to start and deals with processes (singleton strategy) and I'm using CDI to produce my environment.

      I start an instance of a simple process with no task and the process end normally. However I have an error showing up when I first start a process instance :

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Named query not found: UnescalatedStartDeadlines


      When I add the Taskorm.xml mapping-file and corresponding classes in my persistence.xml there is no error so I think at some point the runtimemanager need to have those references...

      The thing is I don't want to add tables in my database that I will never use...

      Is there a way to bypass this ?


      Thanks for your help.