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    A-MQ vs ActiveMQ - And Integration with Wildfly Questions

    Matt Madhavan Newbie


      I have few questions on JBoss A-MQ and ActuveMQ and their integration with WIldfly. If some one can answer it I will greatly appreciate it.


      • Can I use A-MQ in place of ActiveMQ?
      • What  is the difference between A-MQ and ActiveMQ?
      • Can I integrate A-MQ with Jboss Wildfly?
      • What is A-MQ's relationship with Karaf/FUse


      I thank you in advance!


      Matt G. Madhavan

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          Doug Grove Newbie

          Hi Matt,


          A-MQ is Red Hats' version of ActiveMQ.  A-MQ closely tracks ActiveMQ and Red Hat is a very active contributor to ActiveMQ. 


          You can integrate A-MQ and wildfly.  The A-MQ distribution includes a JCA rar file for accessing a A-MQ instance.


          A-MQ and Fuse are both OSGi based and are built on Karaf.  A-MQ could be viewed as a minimal configuration of Fuse that only has messaging.  You can deploy A-MQ on Fuse as well, along with all of the other components, ESB, etc.



          - Doug

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