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    Throughput of data low while using CMP/CMR entitybeans  Jbos

    dev2gosoft Newbie

      I am new to CMP .

      JBoss 3.2.5
      JDK 1.4.2
      MSSqlServer 2000
      Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz Hyperthreading
      500 MB RAM

      I have two EntityBeans OrderBean and LineItem Bean.

      there are 23 order entities in the order table and about 6600 entities in the LineItem table. Both the tables are linked by a OrderID (Foreign key in LineItem table)

      The Entity Beans are related by the primarykey OrderID .

      When I am attempting to display a report with all the orders and their associated lineitems (6600) by using the cmr field in the order bean..The transaction times out after 5 minutes after generating about 5000 records...

      More Details: findAllOrders retrieves a collection of local component interface Order and for each Order I call getLineItems (CMR field)

      This is way too slow than i anticipated. Obviously the CMP tries to call ejbLoad for each bean and hence very slow.

      The session facade api : that does all this has a transaction attribute of "required".

      Obviously using a ejbSelect or ejbHome method would be more efficient
      as we can altogether avoid linking the data with EntityBeans.

      I would appreciate if someone can show how to optimize the CMP engine settings so that this can be done faster....I am using the default settings and i haven;t tried anything to fine tune the settings of CMP engine

      Any help is appreciated.