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    jBPM Examples project for 6.0.1.Final?

    Travis Zimmerman Newbie

      I am interested in using the jbpm-examples project.  I've been looking at the jBPM downloads on SourceForge, and I can see the jbpm-examples zip file starting in 5.1.0 and going up through 6.0.0.CR2.  However, the zip file is missing from 6.0.0.Final and all further releases.  Since the example project was not released in 6.0.0.Final, I downloaded the CR2 version, and it seems like the main class (that runs the examples) is not finished.


      Are there plans to continue updating this example project for the 6.x releases?  I can still learn from the previous examples, but it would be great to have a version that matches what I am using (6.0.1.Final).