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    subprocess variable not visible in data assignment drop down menu

    Thomas Schindler Newbie

      Hey there,


      I am working with the KIE workbench and the visual process authoring tool and encountered a problem.

      In my process, there is the definition of a variable at process level: "process_var". There is a multi instance subprocess with the definition of another variable at this subprocess level: "subprocess_var". Inside the subprocess I have a task with a data in variable definition: "dataIn_var". What I want to do is to map the subprocess_var to the dataIn_var, but in the data assignment menu it is impossible to select the variable on subprocess level. All I see is the process_var and the dataIn_var (screenshot attached). Since I have to go through a list of objects in my process and decide to do something for each item of the list, it is unavoidable to map variables from subprocess level to task level. Why is ma variable not listed in the drop down menu?


      Thanks for your help


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