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    JBoss AS 7 with Memcache

    Bran Lim Newbie



      Currently, I have two servers, namely Apache Tomcat 7 and JBoss AS 7.1.1. I have configured the Tomcat to use Memcache Session Manager and it is as easy as ABC. However, when it comes to JBoss, searches revealed nothing truly helpful. I was hoping if anyone could help me with getting memcache to work on JBoss AS 7.


      On the Tomcat I have some applications that cannot be moved to JBoss (requires lots of effort to re-code) and one of the application running on Tomcat is responsible for user authorization and authentication. Thus, the need for memcache to share the session across. Applications running on JBoss cannot be moved to Tomcat (JBPM and Dashbuilder). Well, we tried that but it was so problematic that we gave up.


      I would be very grateful if anyone could help because I'm running out of time to get it working.