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    Core bridge and HornetQ version compatibility

    Alfred Holzinger Newbie



      I'm testing with core bridges and version compatibility.

      We are integrating HornetQ servers (embedded in our applications) with core bridges,

      and allow a version mix during the deployment cycle of our servers.


      As I understand the situation on version compatibility:

      1. older clients should (e.g. 2.3.x) be able to connect to newer servers (2.4.x)

      2. newer clients (e.g. 2.4.x) might not be compatible to older servers (e.g. 2.3.x), but some certain version mix is working

      3. there is no available compatibility matrix


      With https://issues.jboss.org/browse/HORNETQ-1242, code has been added easing the version compatibility issue. This is available from 2.4.1.


      We have tested the following version mix (with identical code and HornetQ configuration):

      client    server   test status

      2.3.15    2.3.15   successful

      2.3.15    2.4.3    successful

      2.4.3     2.4.3    successful

      2.4.3     2.3.15   NOT successful. "HQ119013 Timed out waiting to receive cluster topology." as a debug level message


      I've analysed the code in HornetQ, that was introduced with HORNETQ-1242.

      Version compatibility is verified using the properties hornetq.version.incrementingVersion and hornetq.version.compatibleVersionList.

      The 3 digit version number 124 seems to represent the 2.4.x version compatibility.


      a) HornetQ 2.3.15 - top level pom.xml contains following property



      b) /hornetq-HornetQ_2_4_3_Final/hornetq-core-client/src/main/resources/hornetq-version.properties contains following value



      I receive the message "HQ119013 Timed out waiting to receive cluster topology." but no other warning or error message.

      It seems the so called "Topology message" is not sent correctly but could not identify why.

      I need help to understand if a 2.4.3 client is compatible with a 2.3.15 server. The tests fail but I was hoping to see the impact of HORNETQ-1242.

      Can you answer if you would expect this to work? Or is this version mix not compatible?