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    How to call reusable subprocess without linking projects?

    Travis Zimmerman Newbie


      I followed this tutorial for calling reusable subprocesses.  In the tutorial, there are two projects: one for the main project and one for the reusable sub project.  The projects are "linked" by adding a dependency and making the projects share a knowledge base and knowledge session.  By doing this, I cannot deploy the sub project by itself.  I must deploy the main project, and it deploys both projects as a single deployment unit.


      I would like to deploy the projects separately.  In my ideal situation, I would like the main process to find the sub process at runtime, instead of at build time.  The main process would choose the latest version of the sub process that is deployed at that time.  If the sub process cannot be found at runtime, then the main process can throw an error.


      Is there any way to call sub processes at runtime like this?