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    JBoss and deployed applications with different JVMs

    Medha Kamat Newbie

      Hi All




      What i am trying to achieve: Deploying different applications using  different JVMs in same Jboss instance?


      I am aware that all applications deployed within same JBoss instance uses same JVM used by JBoss. Our product accepts different API's developed by different sources using different versions of JDKs. We would like to deploy these application with in same application server. Another way to achieve this is having multiple instances of JBoss server running with different JVMs. But as our application grows it's not a scale able solution. some might argue to ask our sources to update their API with java versions. But in practical world it's not gonna happen quickly and as few of them are legacy systems with older  java versions.


      Can some one suggest a solution to this. Is there any AS that allows us to do that?



      Many Thanks