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    Multiple Frequently Changing /tmp/vfs DIRECTORY

    anand krishna Newbie

      Hi Guys,




      I'm new to JBoss EAP 6.2 (JBOSS AS 7.3.0) and learning the deployment on it.There are less documents on deployments and very confusing so asking.Please help!


      Im running my Jboss on Domain Mode and whenever there is any deployment the contents are copied to /tmp/work AND /tmp/vfs/temp/


      However the /tmp/work folder structure remains the same and there are multiple directories under /tmp/vfs/temp/


      My Questions :

      1. Why is whenever there is a server restart , a unique folder is created in /tmp/vfs/temp/


      2. Suppose I want to create / update  jboss-web.xml    and web.xml under WEB-INF. How can this be achieved when the folder structure of /tmp/vfs/temp/ is always changing.ANy change done to  both XML files are removed on a  restart and the files do not exist at all.


      3.Where to keep jboss-web.xml and web.xml as permanent changes to my application   if folder structure is newly created each time.