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    Jboss AS Eclipse 4.4 plugin doesn't deploy all classes

    fede pia Newbie

      Hello, I'm using SpringToolSuite 3.6 (based on Eclipse Luna) with Jboss Tool 4.2.0Beta3 (only installed Jboss AS) plugin.


      I don't know if this is a bug but noticed that my project is not being deployed because there are many missing .class files and I got ClassNotFound exception. I have checked on my deployment directory and these files are missing. On the other hand, If I build the project by command line and deploy my war, jboss doesn't report any problem.


      I checked the same on SpringToolSuite 3.5.1 (based on Eclipse Kepler) with Jboss Tool 2.4.101.Final and I had no troubles deploying the project. Actually, I had the same problem intermitently a couple of times per week, but I can solve it by cleaning the project from Eclipse.


      I would like to ask you if someone have the same problem or if it is a known bug. Does anyone know how to solve this?


      Thanks a lot in advance.