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    Larger then normal messages getting stuck in topic

    Matthew Pick Newbie

      We have a hornetq cluster (2 nodes pre-prod and 4 nodes in prod) and are having an odd issue that we can't seem to figure out.  The cluster is working great around 80% of the time.  We have some messages, and the only differentiator that I know of is the size, get stuck on the topic if you have the topic subscriber clustered across nodes.  So if all the topic subscribers are on node 1 all messages are transacted correctly.  If the topic subscribers are set up across the two nodes then certain messages get stuck.  We have been stuck on this for a few days so any help would be greatly appreciated.  Attached is the domain.xml.  We are running jboss Version 6.1.0.GA which has hornetq 2.3.0 built in.


      The full-ha profile is for node 1

      full-ha-backup is for node two


      We were using persistence and such but it has since been turned off.  We are just using JNDI and clustering.


      Attached is the domain.xml files with users and server names *** out.