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    JPA 2.1 in JBoss 7

    Shawn Yarnell Newbie

      I would like to completely replace the JPA 2.0 module in JBoss 7.1 with a JPA 2.1 module so that I can use Hibernate 4.3.5. I have not seen anyone actually taking this route around the internet.



      If I simply go about replacing JBoss 7 jars with Wildfly jars, I run into a class version error.



      As of now, I am assuming that I will have to remove all Java 1.7 code from the modules I need, compile them with 1.6, and replace the JBoss 7 modules appropriately. Even then, I am not positive that this will work.



      If you know whether or not this will or will not work, do inform. If you know a better alternative that STILL ALLOWS container managed transactions, do inform.



      If you have advice or help you would like to share, please do.



      Thanks for the help.