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    Should we use ESB as an Application server

    rahul vashishth Novice

      Hi, in a typical application project architecture we have three layers.


      FrontEnd(JS/JSP/JSF/Spring)           MiddleLayer(EJB/Web Service) + BackEnd Layer(DAO,Business Domain,ORM,Spring)

      ------------------------------------------            -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Where front end code are deployed on Web/Portal server and middle and back end layer code are deployed on application server. Now

      if change above architecture and put Web Services in place of EJB and. where my application is exposing its operations as web services

      in some scenarios middle layer is talking to file system or jms broker. Now is it okay here to use Fuse ESB container to deploy middle layer + backend layer

      code. Where i see that ESB provide me features to expose my web services and integrate with other services but does ESB server provide me the

      capability of an Application server. What are the possible limitations here when i use an ESB Container instead of an Application server.